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Woman Working in Bushwick Smoke Shop Fights Off Man in Vicious Attack

The brutal attack at Sunflower Glass Company was caught on surveillance cameras. A suspect is in custody.
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Photo: Screenshot from Sunflower Glass Company surveillance video.

The Bushwick community is rallying around a young woman who was brutally attacked Monday evening while working behind the counter at a neighborhood smoke shop.

The attack happened at Sunflower Glass Company, located at 12 Wilson Avenue, at around 5:10 p.m., according to an Instagram post of the incident uploaded by a friend of the victim.

Police arrested a suspect for the Sunflower attack on Tuesday, NYPD told BK Reader.

The Daily News reports that the suspect is 29-year-old Khari Covington, who has also been charged for the subway attacks, citing police sources. Police charged Covington with eight counts of assault as a hate crime, and one count of attempted robbery as a hate crime.

A video of the assault posted on Instagram by the victim's friend Tuesday may have helped police find her attacker.

"Trigger warning. What you're about to see is a very graphic video of a young woman of color/friend of mine being assaulted within her own place of work just yesterday in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 5:10pm," he wrote. "Consent has been given to release the footage you are about to witness.

Warning: video shows a violent attack


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The video shows a man going behind the counter of the shop while the female employee is bent down behind it, unable to see him. As she looks up, he pushes her onto the floor and begins punching her in the face and body at least 15 times, in an attack lasting more than one minute.

The woman fights back during her entire attack, managing to stand to get to a computer to try to get a message out for help," Sunflower Glass Company owner Erik Pye said. "That's how tough she is. She fought this guy the whole time. She even chased him out of the store," he said. "It's heartbreaking."

Afterwards, the employee called police and called Pye. She was escorted to the ER, where she was treated for a concussion and lacerations to her throat, as well as injuries to her back and head.

Currently, she is at home doing well and not working, according to a Sunflower Glass Company post.

Marciano has set up a GoFundMe to raise $1,500 for the victim to help support her during her time off for recovery.

"We posted this incident primarily to keep our streets safe and have people be on the lookout for this man, but we truly appreciate the support everyone is showing for our favorite co-worker, and my best friend," said Maricano.

The attack had put neighbors on high-alert, with nearby Bushwick Bark announcing that it is shortening its opening hours, to make sure no staff members have to work alone.


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The attack comes shortly after a series of similar attacks on women walking alone at Bushwick's Morgan 'L' train station, near the smoke shop.

Note: This story was updated on Wednesday, Jan 5, 6:15am