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The Top 7 Things You Can Do While Waiting in Line to Vote

Long lines are annoying, there's no two ways about it. But getting to the polls is worth every second, so BK Reader is here with some hot tips to get you through...
Voters line up outside Brooklyn Museum. Photo: Jackson Ibelle for BK Reader.

More than half a million New York City voters have cast their ballots in person since early voting started Saturday.

And with those hundreds of thousands of people have come hours long lines to get into polling stations. 

Although lines have shortened during the week, we can expect an increase again over the weekend as more voters try to get their votes in ahead of Election Day. And, of course, lines are expected on Election Day itself, Nov. 3. 

To keep you entertained as you slowly make your way towards carrying out your civic duty, BK Reader has some hot tips:

1. Read the latest by politician, lawyer and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams

There's no better time to get into Abram's latest Our Time Is Now than while taking part in what many are calling the most important election in generations. The book offers a blueprint to end voter suppression, empower citizens and take back the country. Grab a copy at Crown Heights bookstore Cafe Con Libros.

2. Squeeze in a workout for the day

Put on those gym tights, chuck on a hoodie and get ready to squat, wall sit and calf raise your way to the front of the line. There's no reason you can't exercise your right to vote and your body all on the same outing, you can even chuck a small weight in your bag if you want to get some weighted tricep dips in. Check out more socially distant, line appropriate exercises here.

3. Download Duolingo and start (or keep) learning another language

Free language learning app Duolingo has dozens of languages to choose from for beginners right through to experienced learners. Why not use the line as a chance to get in some new vocab and keep it going through Election Day as a distraction to all the anxiety.

4. Dive into BK Reader's Essential Brooklyn series

BK Reader went all over Brooklyn for the "Essential Brooklyn" series -- an 8-part series spotlighting the people and organizations working overtime to lift up their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the ones who give the most with the least resources. They're our true essential workers, our community anchors; the ones who often go unnoticed, until you need them…. The ones who have been there for us all along.

5. Start planning that Thanksgiving spread

There's nothing better than food to distract the mind from a tedious situation. And with Thanksgiving just weeks away, why not start planning the menu for whatever you have in store for the day. Check out our recipes for a healthy gingered cranberry and pear cobbler, kale and butternut squash stuffing and skillet turkey with roasted vegetables.

6. Start a challenge with friends to give $5 to 5 cool local charities

Brooklyn is abound with amazing nonprofits and charities doing great work for our communities all year round, so why not use this time to find 5 of your favs and donate $5 to each -- and then challenge your friends to do the same. Get that going on social media and see who else will join your $5 voting line challenge, you never know! You can find some cool inspo for charities in our Essential Brooklyn series above.

7. Contact Pizza to the Polls

Last but not least, if the line is long and your motivation and attention is waning, there is always pizza. This year, nonprofit Pizza to the Polls is turning up to long voting lines across the country, pizza in hand. All you have to do is report the location of your line to the website, and pizza will shortly arrive for you and your fellow queuers. Report your line or donate to send other voters pizza here.