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The Road to Recovery: Abandoned, Dying Dog Found in Brooklyn Parking Lot Gets Life-Saving Care

This abandoned Brooklyn dog's resilience is nothing short of a miracle.
Nanook. Photo: Provided/AMA Animal Rescue.

Nanook, a sweet, potentially purebred dog, was found by police officers a few days ago in a garbage bag between two parked cars, emaciated and covered in wounds.

The dog had likely been confined to a tight space for a long time, as her legs had atrophied and she had large pressure wounds that indicated she had been lying on a hard floor without much movement for a long time. She also had infections, likely from sitting stoic in her own urine. 

Nanook was brought to AMA Animal Rescue, a no-kill shelter in Brooklyn, where she is now on the road to recovery. 

"Though still alive, she was barely hanging on, unable to even lift her head due to extreme malnourishment," Anna, from AMA Animal Rescue, said in an email to BK Reader

At the animal shelter, she's receiving life-saving care for her infections and wounds and is gaining weight and muscle slowly and learning to walk again. After such extreme starvation, the dog needs to be fed very small, slow meals, several times a day. 

"Despite all of this unimaginable torment, she remained the sweetest, most gentle of creatures," she said.

"Though initially timid around strangers, she eagerly sought out affection from anyone who came near, showering them with kisses and gratitude. It was clear that she had suffered for months, if not years, but her resilience was nothing short of a miracle."

Veterinarians think she is only 4 or 5 years old. Once she is healthy again, the shelter will go through all the necessary steps, such as spaying Nanook and vaccinating her, before putting her up for adoption.

"We will find the most amazing forever home for her," Mariya Vlasova, co-founder of AMA Animal Rescue, said with conviction. 

To donate to Nanook's GoFundMe, click here


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