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The 2024 Voting Season Has Begun! Early Voting For Presidential Primary is Through March 30

Those who registered to vote early can do so through Saturday.
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Photo: Anna Bradley-Smith for BK Reader.

Brooklynites, the 2024 voting season has official begun. Early voting for the presidential primaries began over the weekend and will last through Saturday, March 30. 

Although the Democratic candidate, President Joe Biden, and Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump, won their parties' nominations earlier this month, Marianne Williamson, the spiritual leader and author, will also appear on Democratic ballots.

You can look up your pollsite for early and regular voting here.

Some key dates to remember this voting year:

April 2 is the official presidential primary day. 

June 25 is the state's second primary day for for state Assembly and Senate, as well as Congress. 

Some voters will have different candidates on the June ballot as the voting district borders have changed again. 

Get out and vote, Brooklyn!