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Technology and You: Bushwick Tech Hub to Host Town Hall, Focus Group

Bushwick Generator and other tech leaders ask residents: "How would you shape a better, more inclusive community?"
The Bushwick Generator
Photo: Bushwick Generator

This upcoming Wednesday, December 11, The Bushwick Generator, Urban Parti and will host a 2-hour town hall meeting to learn, What do you, the local residents, want to see from your neighborhood tech hub?

The Bushwick Generator, a start-up, innovation and culture hub that aims to facilitate opportunity and economic mobility for North Brooklyn residents, will bring together leading local technologist who also will share the opportunities they are creating.

"The idea of The Generator is that it is as much about local resident opportunity as it is about start-ups, content creation, and tech," said Emerick Patterson, co-founder of The Bushwick Generator. "We want to make sure that where new businesses are being born, there is a real local economic opportunity. That means we need to hear more from local residents and their aspirations."

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Using a powerful text-based platform created by artificial intelligence company Remesh, Patterson and other tech leaders are taking the first step towards building clear communication and accountability between one person, like a community leader or politician and hundreds of constituents, live and in real-time.

The platform lets each person participating share his or her genuine feelings and rapidly vote on how they feel about the views of others, providing the depth of a focus group and the scale of a survey at the speed of realtime conversation.

If you are interested in participating, the Generator is located at 215 Moore St. in Bushwick, and the event runs from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Participants should be 18 or older or accompanied by a parent, as there will be some filming of the panel. Free pizza will be provided.

"As the neighborhood changes, there is a major opportunity for everyone to take part in designing the future," said Patterson.

To register for the event, go here.