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Subway Style

New York City's Mass Transit Authority is the great equalizer.

New York City's Mass Transit Authority is the great equalizer. Because regardless of your cultural, educational or socio-economic background, if  you ride the subway in this city, you will definitely share one thing: an intimacy with the best (and the worst) of everything the city has to offer.

Consequently, NYC subways are also where you can capture the flyest, most diverse and most unexpected displays of fashions and urban couture.

Check out who we caught riding the iron horse this week donning their signature style.

Subway Style Riding the 2/3 Train, @LA_Lutte_continue
Riding the A Train, Jessica Paz @soundgrrl |  Photo: @TheBrooklynReader on Instagram
Parson's fashion student, Keve riding the 2/3 train: @JOUR_  subway style
Jewelry Designer, Keino riding the 2/3 Train @DallasDynaaty1 | Photo: @TheBrooklynReader on Instagram
Subway Style Jessica Paz rides the 2/3 Train: @soundgrrl
@LA_Lutte_Continue - A stylish Straphanger from Flatbush rides the 2/3 train  |  Photo: @TheBrooklynReader on Instagram
Subway Style  Jewelry desinger Keino riding the N/R Train: @dallasdynasty1
Parson's fashion student, Kevin @JOUR_  rides the 2/3 Train  |  Photo: @TheBrooklynReader on Instagram

Are you a subway commuter on one of our trains through Central Brooklyn? Snap a picture of someone (or yourself) rocking the flyest gear on a subway platform or inside a train, and we may feature it on The Brooklyn Reader!  (Oh, and don't forget to include which subway and the model's Twitter or Instagram handle, so we can re-tweet away)!