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Should the Protests Now End? BEEP Adams Says, 'Yes,' For Now

In the wake of the ambush-style assassinations of two NYPD officers Saturday in Bed-Stuy, Borough President Eric Adams, who was a NYPD officer for 22 years, is calling for New Yorkers to discontinue protests until the mood has settled and the officer
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In the wake of the ambush-style assassinations of two NYPD officers Saturday in Bed-Stuy, Borough President Eric Adams, who was a NYPD officer for 22 years, is calling for New Yorkers to discontinue protests until the mood has settled and the officers are laid to rest.

"I'm asking all those who call for police reform... We should not mix up police reform with retribution to harm any life," said Adams. "I"m asking all those to hold off on any form of protest until these officers are laid to rest in a peaceful manner.

"It's time for New Yorkers to come together. We've been through difficult times before, and this has probably been one of the most challenging when someone walks up and assassinates two officers. But we've come through this, because this is what we're best [at]: coming together as New Yorkers."

Adams calls for peace and calm during the same time that police union president Patrick Lynch is blaming police protestors for inciting the murder.

Do you believe protests should end during this time of mourning. Further, do you believe it's time for protests to end altogether to begin a process of healing? PIX 11 posted a video of Adams' statement on its Facebook page, and here's what some of the commenters had to say in response:

"Protesting for CRIMINALS is ridiculous!!!!! Use common sense!!!! Have Respect for the Officers who PROTECT YOU ALL!!!!!" said Ms. Perez.

"...If the police were held accountable when they kill there would be no protesting," said Mr. McCormick.

"Protesting is a constitutional right. The murdering SOB was a deranged lunatic, not a protestor. Is that so hard to understand. This fool hijacked a movement. Again I speak of the peaceful protests. Not rioters and looters in Ferguson. A good majority of the protestors in Chicago and New York were college students of all colors. Young people mobilizing. They were not criminals and this nutcase did not represent them," said Ms. Danielle.

"Protests just cause more problems so JUST STOP!!! And let the problems we have now just be problems so there are no new ones to worry about," said Mr. Maxwell.

"I believe these executed cops who didn't have a chance to defend themselves deserve people protesting for them," said Ms. Gomez. "NOBODY deserves to die, especially at the hands of some low-life with a long rap sheet... START THE PROTESTS FOR OUR OFFICERS, they need us right now!!!

"Funny how we can blame each other weather white, black, cop or not! How about blaming the dead coward who did this horrific deed or the hand full of bad cops or the hand full of bad criminals who's trigger happy. Do you all really think that all criminals are black? Do you all really think all white cops are bad? Cause if you do, your part of the problem and not the solution! PROTESTING is not the problem. The human race is," wrote Ms. Grady.

Adams,  called on New Yorkers to turn the pain of the slayings of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos into purpose.

"We are asking all New Yorkers to turn this pain into purpose to ensure we send out a very clear and loud message: All lives matter."


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