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Rocky Road: BK's Ample Hills Creamery Announces Mass Closures

Brooklyn-based creamery, Ample Hills, announces store closures for its scoop shops this week to preserve cash as it looks for more.
Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 10.02.45 AM
Ample Hills Creamery. Photo: Provided/ Ample Hills.

The future of Ample Hills Creamery is a rocky road, reports Brooklyn Magazine. The ice cream giant that once captured the hearts of Brooklyn families has just announced the temporary closure of its 12 locations.

A statement from the creamery's parent company, Schmitt Industries, announced that Ample Hills has furloughed its workers and temporarily closed its locations for the week. Shops are set to reopen on Monday, Dec. 26.

“We have an incredibly talented and hardworking team, which makes this furlough extremely difficult. We have explored many options and paths to rase the needed capital without having to take this step, but unfortunately, we have reached a point where this is our only option,” said Michael Zapata, parent company Schmitt Industries CEO, in a press release. 

Despite this, the company continues to seek additional funds in order to continue operations. This announcement comes after a rough few years for the business after declaring bankruptcy in March 2020 because of over-expansion by its previous owners. Still, they warn customers that there’s “no assurance” that additional money will come in, meaning that Ample Hills may be forced to shut down indefinitely.

“We are actively talking with potential investors and partners and open to discussions with other interested parties to prevent a full shut down," continued Zapata.

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