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Teen opens up about her quarantine experience
teens, coronavirus

I'm a student from Nassau County. 

Before quarantine, I was attending school normally. There were procedures in place in case the school got shut down but nobody was too concerned, not even the teachers. Then the coronavirus issue got bigger and more serious. Everyday there were new updates about the situation but it wasn't until March that everything changed.

At the start of quarantine, our school had a return date set in place and were sure that it was a temporary condition. The students were assigned work by their teachers and given ways to contact them if necessary. However the return date was pushed back until it was announced that we would no longer be returning to school for the rest of the year. It came as a big shock since nothing like this has ever happened before. This completely uprooted lives and plans had to be made on what to do.

It wasn't only the schools that were affected. Businesses, shops, and restaurants closed down due to lack of customers and fear of the disease spreading. Social distancing was encouraged and it was recommended that people stay at home. For some families, this wasn't an issue but for others it was a nightmare. Eventually, being cooped up indoors for such a long will drive anybody crazy.

There was only so much TV you could watch and homework to do before you start dying of boredom. The situation still hasn't changed yet but some are confident that with time, things will return to normal. Students will be able to go to school and not just attend classes through a screen.

People will be able to go outside again without having to fear catching a deadly disease. And despite the differing opinions on the coronavirus pandemic, one thing's for sure: Nobody will forget it and it will definitely go down in history.