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NY Pharmacies Can Sell Birth Control Without a Prescription

Women should have full control of their own bodies, Governor Kathy Hochul said.
State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald (L) and Governor Kathy Hochul sign an order allowing pharmacists to dispense birth control without a prescription.

Pharmacists in New York can now sell birth control to people without a prescription from a doctor, after a standing order was signed on Tuesday by state officials.

New York State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald signed the order with Governor Kathy Hochul at an Albany pharmacy yesterday, which allows the sale of the oral hormonal pill, hormonal vaginal ring, and the hormonal contraceptive patch at participating New York pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor, according to a news release. 

At a brief press conference after the signing, the officials said out-of-state visitors can also purchase birth control in New York. 

"This is about access to care and individual autonomy," McDonald said through a statement. 

Pharmacists who choose to participate can dispense up to 12 months of a self-administered hormonal contraception of the individual's preference and covered under their insurance.

“At a time when reproductive rights are under attack, New York State will continue to fight for every individual’s right to access the health care they need," Hochul said. “Starting a family is a deeply personal decision and New York State will always be a place where people can access safe and effective contraceptives.”

Participating pharmacists could be ready and able to dispense hormonal contraceptives over the next several weeks. 

As part of this process, the New York State Department of Education has developed a set of rules and requirements for pharmacists who choose to participate to self-attest. Pharmacists will need to maintain their own documentation of training and make it available to the state Department of Education upon request.