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IMPACCT Brooklyn Announces Holiday Initiative Supporting Local Women- and BIPOC-Owned Businesses

IMPACCT Brooklyn says the purpose of Shop Brooklyn is to boost customer traffic and sales in numerous Brooklyn-based small businesses owned by BIPOC and women.
Shop Brooklyn
Poster for Shop Brooklyn, a new initiative from nonprofit IMPACCT Brooklyn. Image: Provided/ IMPACCT. Credit: Photo courtesy of IMPACCT Brooklyn

To support local minority- and women-owned businesses during the holiday season, nonprofit organization IMPACCT Brooklyn has announced a new initiative called Shop Brooklyn.

Shop Brooklyn is a digital holiday guide that displays a list of participating small businesses that offer various goods and services. The businesses that are featured on Shop Brooklyn are all owned by people of color and women.

IMPACCT Brooklyn says that the purpose of the initiative — which is co-sponsored with financial company Citi Foundation — is to boost customer traffic and revenue to numerous Brooklyn-based, people of color- and women-owned small businesses.

"IMPACCT Brooklyn is kicking off an exciting holiday marketing program for BIPOC- and women-owned businesses in Brooklyn," said Bernell Grier, Executive Director of IMPACCT Brooklyn.

"Our aim is to drive foot traffic and sales to these businesses during the gift buying season and amplify all small business holiday programs supporting our neighborhoods."

In total, Shop Brooklyn is featuring 31 different small businesses this year. The extensive list of retailers will be offering an array of products and services for curious consumers this holiday season — which includes clothing, food and beverage, health and hygienic products, art, instructional classes and more.

Among the list of local retailers that are participating in the initiative are Awesome Brooklyn, a gift shop specializing in local design, Brooklyn Perk, which is a coffee shop, Eastcoast Barbers Flatbush Ave., children's thrift store Obocho's Closet and much more.

"Shop Brooklyn is just another way that we can bolster local businesses and support our mission," said Grier. "We hope that by organizing and sponsoring Shop Brooklyn during the gift-giving season, we'll show the people of the community how they can support their own while they give to others."

For more information about Shop Brooklyn or to check out the list of participating retailers, click here.

To learn more about IMPACCT Brooklyn and the programs and services it offers, click here.