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Macon Library Exhibit Showcases Work of an Incarcerated Artist

The exhibit "Save the Flower," is an ode to the women who helped save Corey Arthur's life.
Corey Arthur, an artist who is currently incarcerated, holds up two of his portraits.

The Macon Library, a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library in Bedford-Stuyvesant, opened an exhibit of art and poetry Thursday by Corey Arthur, who has been incarcerated since 1997. 

At the library's African American Heritage Center, the exhibition titled "Save the Flower," shows the work by the Brooklyn-born artist, who created a series of feminist portraits dedicated to a group of women who he says have profoundly changed his life for the better, according to a news release. 

“There are seven women in my life who healed me without breaking my bones and locking me in cages," Arthur said. "They did it by introducing me to feminism. Since then, my life has made a remarkable turn for the better. These women achieved in a few years what our current prison system could not do in over the quarter century I’ve been a prisoner.”

The exhibition will be up through April 30 at the Macon Library, 361 Lewis Avenue. The branch is open Monday through Saturday.