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Imani: Restoration Worship Temple

By faith, a Bushwick congregation will restore its church and resume serving its community.
The building was built in 1896. Photo: Jessy Edwards for BK Reader

The final principle of Kwanzaa is Imani, Kiswahili for faith. On Saturday, January 1, the last day of the seven-day festival of first fruits, people of the African Diaspora will light the seventh candle in their homes and at community centers. 

Imani calls on individuals to believe–without reservation–in family, community, culture, people of African descent and the ultimate victory of their collective struggle. This principle underscores the fact that belief in what can be achieved inspires people to build strong families, which are building blocks of communities. Without faith, nothing will be achieved.

Members of Restoration Worship Temple in Bushwick have faith that their church doors will reopen so they could resume serving their community. Pastor Owen Loftman explained to BK Reader that his congregation is raising the funds needed to restore the church building.

“We need half a million to fix the roof. We’re nowhere near,” the minister revealed. “I’m trusting God. I’m trusting Jesus.”

Constructed in 1896, the church building is in poor condition. The Temple bought the building in 2013 for its congregants to worship in. But four years ago, services had to move out temporarily, as the 19th-century church fell further into disrepair. “Does it leak? It’s like the Niagara Falls in here when it rains,” Loftman says, adding that the church is also behind in taxes. Meanwhile, he’s also fending off property prospectors.

By faith, the pastor saw a solution. The congregation is raising money through a church-run thrift store Antiques on Bushwick. Loftman has been driving around New York to buy bulk items at estate sales, assembling and selling them at the store.

Imani will see them through the mountain of challenges. Through the congregation’s faith, Restoration Worship Temple will raise the money it needs to resume its mission of serving Bushwick. Pastor Owens shared the latest developments in his church’s journey toward restoring their church building.

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About the Author: Nigel Roberts

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