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This Bay Ridge Council Member is Outraged Over Bus Service Cuts; Here's How He's Fighting Back

A local councilman is opposing MTA’s initial draft of the Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign Plan.
The Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign is MTA’s plan to improve bus travel for Brooklyn riders. Photo: MTA/

Council member Justin Brannan is voicing his concerns about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plans to alter several Brooklyn bus routes.

On Jan. 23, the councilman announced his plans to spearhead a community campaign against service cuts outlined in MTA’s draft Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign plan.

“We can’t sit silent while the MTA tries to steamroll our community,” Brannan said.

“I have fought the MTA and won before. If we work together and demand a better plan for our neighborhoods, we can win again."

The Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign is MTA’s latest strategy to improve bus travel for Brooklyn riders. The draft plan became available to the public on Dec. 1, 2022.

According to the council member, MTA's proposed changes include a reduction and, in some cases, complete elimination of service of certain bus lines in southern Brooklyn.

Brannan is opposing the proposed changes to bus routes B36, B74, B16, B37, B63 and B64.

He says these are crucial lifelines for southern Brooklyn residents. He is also against the proposed stop removals to Bay Ridge’s X27/X37 routes and to the complete elimination of X28/X38 stops in Coney Island.

“We know the easiest way to get left behind is to say and do nothing. That’s why we speak up. I’m going to make sure the MTA knows this plan won’t fly with me, and I’m asking my neighbors to join me to make sure they hear our voices all the way up to Albany, and everywhere else,” Brannan said.

According to Brannan, public transit options in southern Brooklyn are scarce and residents rely on bus service to get around. Working families, seniors, students and people with disabilities are particularly at risk of being impacted by the cuts.

Local residents can testify at the MTA’s upcoming virtual hearings, which will take place in mid-February. To register to testify, click here. Written feedback can also be submitted directly to the MTA here.

For more information on the Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign Plan, click here.