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Have an Immersive Kwanzaa at Cumbe Dance Center

This cultural program and marketplace will transport participants into the world of African-rooted celebrations
Kwanzaa Celebration 2019

Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance will be holding its second annual immersive Kwanza Program on Sunday, December 22, at Restoration Plaza.

Last year's event was a colorful, cultural success that brought artisans in the community together to share their creative art and handmade work, dance performances and demonstrations.

This year's festival promises the same, with a Kwanza Marketplace and a cultural program that will transport participants into the world of African-rooted cultural celebrations!

Vendors, including Brooklyn Tea, Bree & Milly beauty products and Mil Mundos Books, will share their wares, toys, elixirs and art, while patrons will indulge in a mosaic of activities including dance demonstrations, arts and crafts, gift-making workshops, massages, live music and an immersive Kwanzaa learning experience.

"Small businesses and makers play a great role in African Diasporic communities and we are committed to highlighting holistic participation of all aspects of our community to our community," said Kendra Ross, senior program director at Cumbe.

"Since Cumbe aims to educate through varying ways, the marketplace serves as a space where people can learn about Kwanzaa, its principles, how to create, examples of entrepreneurship, self-determination and community."

The Cumbe Kwanzaa Marketplace will take place at 1368 Fulton Street, within the Bedord Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza, December 22 from 3:00-6:00pm.  Light refreshments will be served. Entrance is a $10 suggested donation.

On December 22 the dance center also will launch a Cumbe Salon, a space for community discussion, cultural exposure and idea generation. The first salon will be a dialogue led by Iris Wilson on the seven Kwanzaa principles, including ways to carry them into the new year. All ages are welcome!

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to vend at the Kwanzaa marketplace, sign up here. Cumbe is offering vendors, crafts-people and artists an opportunity to share their talents and products with the community through an interactive activity or demonstration during the marketplace.