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Grocery Delivery Business Opens Kitchen and Bar in Bushwick

The business, Farm to People, which has been operating in Brooklyn for eight years, celebrated the opening on June 11 and 12.

Farm to People Kitchen and Bar celebrated its opening in Bushwick this past weekend, reported Bushwick Daily.

Co-founded by Michael Robinov and Anina von Haeften, the kitchen and bar is located at 1100 Flushing Avenue. It replaces former business Brooklyn Cider House, which left Bushwick early in the pandemic. Robinov and von Haeften went for a relaxed and casual opening.

“We’re doing a lot of developing in the kitchen so it’s a really great opportunity to constantly be changing [the menu], whatever the season, and then also trying out dishes and seeing how people like them,” von Haeften told BD.

The menus will change regularly depending on available seasonal ingredients. They will also be pulling from whatever surplus produce Farm to People already has on hand.

Robinov discussed the pandemic impact on business with BD. “When you walk down the street as a New Yorker, you see these dark stores, but you don’t see inviting storefronts or community spaces,” he said.

The key focus with the kitchen and bar is to connect Brooklyn residents to high quality food. Also, having an inviting, educational, and transparent environment is crucial.

“It feels new, it feels fresh, and I think it’s exciting for the team as a whole because it’s kind of like we’re opening our home,” added Robinov.