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Gonzaga, SDS Bulldogs, Baylor, Kansas Tops Ranking For 2020 March Madness

The tournament is a showdown of 68 NCAA Men’s Basketball teams
March Madness

The 2020 March Madness can't get any further as we are one month away from the said event. This sports tournament is a showdown of 68 NCAA Men's Basketball teams who made through different series of rankings and elimination. 

As early as now, the NCAA selection committee has started to seed 68 teams that will qualify in the 2020 March Madness season. These teams were divided into four regions for a more precise ranking. Each region now has a top team based on the guidelines set by the NCAA Board of Directors.

As we draw near to the first round of the 2020 March Madness odds, let's meet the four teams who top the bracket preview set by the NCAA Committee. These four teams might compete in the first four rounds on March 17, 2020. Can one of them maintain stable performance and take a spot in the Final Four? Let's get to know more of them.

Baylor Bears (South Region)

The Baylor Bears from Baylor University have topped the ranking in the South Region for the 2020 March Madness. Not only that, but they also topped in the overall seeding out of all the collegiate teams who wanted to be part of the NCAA Championship this year. The Bears might also be one of the first teams to compete on the opening day.

Moreover, the Baylor Bears have bested other college teams in the South Region, including Louisville Cardinals, Seton Hall Pirates, and Auburn Tigers. They have appeared in the NCAA Conferences since 1907, and this legacy has continued until this day. As they top the ranking is today's March Madness season, they are hoping to secure a spot in the Final Four rounds.

In 2019, this team ended only in the NCAA Round of 32. They failed to enter the championship rounds. Their last appearance in the Sweet Sixteen was in 2017 and in the Elite Eight was in 2012. This year, they are hoping for an epic comeback as they vie for the 2020 March Madness championship title.

Kansas Jayhawks (Midwest Region)

Topping the rankings for the Midwest Region in the 2020 March Madness are the Kansas Jayhawks. Looking into the basketball records of this school, they are considered as one of the most prestigious college basketball teams that have successfully tallied three NCAA Championship titles and two Helm National  Titles.

The Jayhawks defeated other collegiate schools in the Midwest Region when it comes to ranking. It includes Dayton Flyers, Florida State Seminoles, and Michigan State Spartans. According to the NCAA selection committee, the seeding process for the Midwest Regions is tight, and the Kansas Jayhawks managed to be on top.

The Jayhawks are the current NCAA Midwest Conference Champion. In 2019, they appeared in the NCAA Tournament Championship. However, they failed to enter the Sweet Sixteen. Their last appearance in the Elite Eight and in the Final Four was in 2018. This year, they are looking to bounce back big in the 2020 March Madness as they have proven their worth in the past.

Gonzaga Bulldogs (West Region)

The Gonzaga Bulldogs dominate the West Region ranking for the 2020 March Madness. This college has offered a lot of notable achievements in most of the NCAA season. They are the only school who tallied 15 players with the most number of NCAA Awards which is the WCC Player of the Year. In 1999, they were also considered as a Cinderella group that showed an impressive debut to the NCAA games.

Besides, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have bested West Virginia Mountaineers, the Villanova Wildcats, and Oregon Ducks. This team has appeared in both the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight in 2019. Their last Final Four appearance was in 2017, where they became a runner-up.

San Diego State Aztecs (East Region)

Completing the top seed ranking for the 2020 March Madness are the San Diego Aztecs who represent that East Region. This team has also recorded excellent NCAA Conference records since their first appearance in 1921. They tallied a total of six NAIA titles, three NCAA Championships, and five MWC tournaments.

The San Diego States Aztecs have left the three teams behind them in the East Region ranking. It includes the Duke Blue Devils, Maryland Terrapins, and Butler Bulldogs. This collegiate team is the current NCAA East Conference Champion. Their last appearance in March Madness was in 2018 but failed to enter the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight since 2014.


The top four teams listed above represent the 2020 March Madness early rankings for the strongest teams that might give a tight play in the NCAA season this year. Hence, it would be best if you get updated with these teams as they will give another story to paint in the 2020 March Madness.