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Bushwick Nightclub Accused of Throwing Large Indoor Parties Despite COVID-19

"The Illmore" allegedly has been skirting pandemic precautions with crowded events this summer
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A Bushwick nightclub that is aptly named The Illmore allegedly has been hosting indoor parties with minimal COVID-19 precautions since as early as June, the New York Post reports.

The Post reviewed social media videos and promotional posts that showed the Evergreen Avenue club with a crowded dance floor filled with dozens of mostly unmasked patrons.

Some area residents, while concerned, have been somewhat sympathetic to their neighbors' pursuit of fun after months of remaining indoors. "I understand keeping the energy of Brooklyn and the underground," said one woman who lives next door to the Illmore, "but right now it's not the time."

Others have been less forgiving with these "very selfish" actions, as one Bushwick resident put it. "I understand the urge to party right now," says 23-year old Lauren, "I want to do that too, but an indoor party right now is just not on the table."

The venue's owner, Zachary Shepis, conceived the space back in June as a spot for bands to rehearse and to record live streams while concert venues citywide are shut down. However, his Instagram story on Sunday revealed footage of dozens of people dancing and flaunting social distancing.

When reporters reached Shepis by phone he denied hosting any parties. But when asked about the Instagram story he reportedly hung up.

The Illmore has already begun promoting their next event this Friday night "from 8pm till late." The city's Sheriffs Office, which is in charge of enforcing COVID-19 restrictions, says that they have received complaints about the events and will be sending a representative this week.