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Brooklyn, Early Voting is in Effect Now!

If you have personal or professional conflicts on Election Day that prevent you from voting, you can do so early and get it out of the way!
Vote early in NY, and get this exclusive and highly coveted arm band as a “thank you!”

Early voting is a new thing for New Yorkers, but it is the way to go-- particularly in the time of coronavirus, when fewer people will be at the polls.

Early voting was a central part of Governor Andrew M Cuomo's 2019 Justice Agenda, and he signed the legislation establishing early voting in January 2019. This means that if you have personal or professional conflicts on Election Day that prevent you from physically being able to vote, you can do so early. This change will also reduce waiting times for voters on Election Day.

Brooklyn, take advantage of this great opportunity to get your vote in for upcoming primary elections on June 23. Early voting in New York kicked off on Saturday, June 13 and continues for ten days through June 21.

Please keep in mind that, for the optimal health and safety of everyone, especially poll workers, those who can should vote by mail-in ballot.

But the best way to vote in-person is during the early voting period. To vote in the primary elections, voters must be enrolled in the party holding the primary under rules set by the parties. The state's look-up tool is the best way to check whether your voter registration and party affiliation status makes you eligible to vote in a primary.

Your early voting site may be different than your designated site on the day of the election, and early voting hours may vary. Go here to find your polling place, which is based on address.

In this time of crisis, it is critical all New Yorkers participate in choosing who will lead our districts and our city in the coming years of rebuilding.

Let's do this Brooklyn. Go ahead and vote. Get it done, while you have the time and the space to do so in aa safe non-hectic environment.