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20 Best Looks at Afropunk 2017 in Brooklyn (Atlanta, What's Good? You've Got Next!)

There was a decidedly Afrofuturistic thread running throughout this year's festival in Brooklyn, coupled with cultural pride, activism and bold declarations of resistance! Photo: J.

There was a decidedly Afrofuturistic thread running throughout this year's festival in Brooklyn, coupled with cultural pride, activism and bold declarations of resistance!

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Photo: J. Boogie for BK Reader

In general, Afropunk is a hot bed of style, and the 2017 edition in Brooklyn-- where it allll began-- was no different!

There was a decidedly Afrofuturism thread running throughout Commodore Barry Park in Fort Greene, coupled with cultural pride, activism and bold declarations of resistance.

Atlanta, Georgia is next up for this global festival. But here's our list of the Top-Twenty Best Looks that jumped off in BK!

#20. Superheroine

This is mixing Afrofuturism, with a bit of Mad Max.  She clearly checks superhero on job applications (photo by Dante Brown)

#19. Fab Abs

Not sure what's more impressive...their outfits or their abdominal muscles. (Photo by Bruce Woods)

#18. Dystopian Funk

I'm not sure if this is a fashionable family from a dystopian future, or three stylish friends kicking it at Afropunk Brooklyn. Either way, it's a good look (photo by Bruce Woods)

#17. Brooklyn Blitz

This guy looks like he can litigate a commercial property lawsuit and then get turnt at the celebration party after he wins your case (This is Blitz , the Ambassador, by the way). (Photo by Dante Brown)

#16. That Episode Of True Blood

Afropunk, BK Reader, best looks, 2017, Brooklyn

Has Young Thug made it socially acceptable for young Black dudes to wear dresses? Looks like the episode of True Blood where Sooki...forget it, millennials don't know jack about True Blood! (Photo by Zawadi Morris)

#15. My Chandelieeeerrrrr

This look is amazing with the colors and the eyewear game; which is like a chandelier on your face! Is Sia designing accessories now? (Photo by Dante Brown)

#14. Take Me To Your Leader

Afropunk 2017, photos, BK Reader
I like this intergalactic, cosmic planetary bartender look. This would be fonky in any solar system (Photo by Dante Brown)

#13. Afropumped

This is the ultimate blending of masculine and feminine, to create a super strong look! It also helps if you look super strong, like these gentlemen! (Photo by Bruce Woods)

#12. By The Power Of Greyskull

At first I was thinking DC, but upon closer look, it's definitely Marvel. This man is a stylish arch-villian from A Marvel Comics movie! (Photo by Bruce Woods)

11. Mommy-Daughter Day

I think this is mother and daughter and they are both stylish, especially that Powerpuff, Princess Leia situation that the little one has going on. (Photo by Bruce Woods)

#10. Too Cool For Summer School

This style actually differs from the Afrofuture vibe that dominated Afropunk, but the sunnies, brimmed hat, hair adornment and mesh dress was a real winner. (Photo by M. Monroe)

#9. They've Come To Takeover

When they come to take over your planet, don't even put up a fight. It's going to be a style takeover and they're way too fierce to be taking hostages! (Photo by Bruce Woods)

#8. It's All Connected

The combination of skin, tats, hair adornment and pierced accessories was a winning combination at this! (Photo by Bruce Woods)

#7. Summer 'Fros

Curly 'Fros, short shorts, lots of color and great energy gives these two girls a funky, fun look. (Photo by M. Monroe)

#6. Ain't No Half-Steppin'

This man is playing no games. Everything about this look says that he quotes sacred texts and eats organics fruits and vegetables, while plotting a boycott, as he bathes his children. #Winning (Photo by M. Monroe)

#5 Cotton Candy

Afropunk, BK Reader, best looks, 2017, Brooklyn

These girls are giving a bit of Coney Island cotton candy at Afropunk! (Photo by Zawadi Morris)

#4-That Seventies Show

Afropunk 2017, photos, BK Reader

These three look like they just time travelled from The Evans apartment from the TV show Good Times. Penny probably still crying cause she had to stay in Chicago. (Photo by Dante Brown)

#3-Family Affair


This is a lovely look! That baby probably buzzing off a contact high, with all the smoke in the air, but yeah, the fam looks regal! (Photo: Dante Brown)

#2.-Afropunk Chic

This look is crispy and could easily transfer from Afropunk to fashion week editor and not miss a beat. (Photo by Dante Brown)

#1-Body Paint, Umbrellas and Freedom

This picture literally embodies Afropunk and was an amazing look. Not sure how the Uber driver felt on the way home, but that's literally none of our business (Photo: Dante Brown)