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10 Reasons to Give February as Black History Month the Side Eye

Photo: As Black History Month comes to a close, let's have real talk: Black History Month has got some issues.
Black History Month, BK Reader

As Black History Month comes to a close, let's have real talk: Black History Month has got some issues. I'm not talking about the importance behind the cause to celebrate the month (that's necessary!) What I'm referring to is the month of February and all of its shortcomings. Here are 10 Reasons to give Black History Month the side eye.

#10. February is shorter than Kevin Hart

Every four years, February gets an extra day...and it's still short. It's clearly suffering from size issues, yet this is the month for Black History?

#9. February is too brick 

Ain't nobody got time to be celebrating black history when it's nothing degrees outside! Newsflash, Black people don't like the cold! And yes, that is an over-generalization!

#8. There are Fewer School Days in February 

So, not only is Black History month in a short and cold month, but in NYC, kids are out of school an extra six days in February! What part of the game is that?

#7. While Trump Is In Office, We Need A Black History 4-Year Term

He's the worst, no matter how many heart-to-hearts he has with Frederick Douglas. Black History needs way more than a month under his watch.

#6. Black History During Winter Olympics Doesn't Mix

Black History and Winter Olympics sharing the same month is cuckoo. Black people don't like the winter Olympics, and even when we win, like Shani Davis, we still get stepchild treatment. Real talk... Black folks don't curl, unless it's hair, before wrapping in a silk scarf at night

#5. God Said It's Ridiculous

Morgan Freeman said his piece and I'm not finna argue with god!

#4.Hallmark And Cupid Hijack February

When people should be learning about the many valuable contributions Black people have made to America, most of them are spending their time trying to get laid or juggling the wife, girlfriend and sidepiece. Talk about distractions when we're supposed to be paying attention!

#3. In 2018, Schools Are Still Only Teaching About Two People in Black History: MLK & Rosa Parks

In many places, Black History Month is still just large cutout heads of MLK in classrooms, stories of Rosa Park's bravery and that famous black-and-white sketch of Frederick Douglas. Meanwhile, we still are avoiding discussions around real revolutionaries like Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and Marcus Garvey. Is that progress?

#2.  Big Consumer Brands Just Use It To Push More Product

Brands never miss an opportunity to sell more product in America, and especially if you can target a population that loves spending. BHM is just one long advertorial from consumer brands, aimed at separating Black folks from their money! 

#1. Isn't it time for it to be Black Her-story Month for a while

Maybe that would reveal an abundance of stories that are not getting told during Black History Month, because we need more light and emphasis on Clara Brown, Annie Malone, and Maggie Lena Walker, because BHM is supposed be inspirational and Black women have been that since day 1!