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Neighborhood Profile: Wingate

Wingate, formerly known as Pigtown, was named after prominent lawyer and civil war veteran, George Wood Wingate.
Homes on E. 46th Street in Wingate.

Wingate, formerly called Pigtown, is in central Brooklyn. 

Prospect Lefferts Gardens borders the neighborhood to the west; Crown Heights to the north and east; and East Flatbush to the south; Wingate is often considered part of these bordering neighborhood in some instances. 

The area's former name, Pigtown, was borrowed from the many pig farms run by Italian and Irish immigrants during the 1800s. Therefore, for a long while, the area was one of the major pork producers in Brooklyn. 

It was later renamed Wingate after an adjoining park-- Wingate Park-- and the now defunct Wingate High School. The school and park were named after George Wood Wingate, a prominent lawyer and Civil War veteran. Wingate, who was co-founder and former president of the National Rifle Association of America, owned properties and was an active resident who played a significant role in the development of the neighborhood. 

He was also a big proponent of athletics in schools, and was one of the leaders of the Public Schools Athletics League (PSAL) for many years. 

Wingate's community-building efforts and contributions earned him the respect of his community, who named the area after him. Like many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Wingate is experiencing gentrification. The quiet, tree-lined enclave has row houses and apartments, and now new condominium units. Many apartments cost anywhere between $400,000 to $550,000, while single-family homes can be over $1 million, according to as of May 2024. 

The tracks at Wingate Park. . Photo: Supplied/NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

Other family-friendly amenities include Wingate Park, which has baseball fields, a running track, soccer fields and fitness courts. The park also hosts community and youth programs, including swimming, park rangers and youth sports programs.

Brooklyn College, a City University of New York campus, and Kings Theatre are also close by.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County is a large health institution in the area, as well as a major employer. 

Wingate hosts an annual park concert for a night featuring a lineup of funk, hip hop, reggae, and R&B musicians and artists that attracks music lovers from all over the city.