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Neighborhood Profile: Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace is a small, quiet neighborhood south of Park Slope.
Thee are many quiet streets with rowhomes in Windsor Terrace.

The small neighborhood of Windsor Terrace in central Brooklyn has its roots in humble beginnings. 

Nestled between Prospect Park on the east and northeast, Park Slope to the north, Green-Wood Cemetery and Borough Park to the west and Kensington to the south, Windsor Terrance was once inhabited by the Canarsie Indians- or the Gowanus and Werpos tribes-  before European settlers. 

American lawyer John Vanderbilt is among the first-known land owners, followed by the Martense Family who maintained it before development. The area's proximity to the Brooklyn downtown area made it attractive to developer William Bell, who later bought the plot in 1849 after Vanderbilt's death. 

Almost two centuries later, Windsor Terrace, although small, is sought after by renters and buyers. The area is a thriving neighborhood with a diverse population of approximately 19,000 residents, according to the latest city data

The median rent in Windsor Terrace is about $3,900, according to The price for a rowhouse typically starts at around $1.5 million, while two-bedroom apartments are about $700,000. The neighborhood experienced gentrification as early as the 1980s, as Brooklyn residents began to flee the expensive rentals in neighboring Park Slope. 

The commercial strip of Prospect Park West. Photo: Supplied/Google Maps

Families, couples and singles flock to this neighborhood for its relaxed vibe, as it sits just west of Prospect Park. Most residents use the subway (59%), followed by private car drivers (13.2%), bicycles (8.4%) and walking (8.0%). 

Most residents surveyed said it took them 45 minutes to an hour to get to work.  

On the main commercial corridor, Prospect Park West, you'll find restaurants, bars, a book store, bakery and an old-school butcher. 

Some of the oldest churches in the neighbourhood include Holy Name Church and School, located at Prospect Park West, built in 1874 and 1923, respectively. Other smaller Protestant denominations include the Memorial Baptist Church and Holy Apostles Episcopal. 

Public figures who were either born, raised or lived in Windsor Terrace as adults include Debi Mazar and celebrity chef Gabriele Corcos; MSNBC news host Chris Hayes; actress, comedian, writer and producer Mindy Kaling; and TV personality and filmmaker George Motz.