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Hand-Lettered Art By Harriet Faith. Homage to Robin Williams This week's image is an homage to the late, great and greatly beloved Robin Williams.
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Hand-Lettered Art By Harriet Faith. Homage to Robin Williams

This week's image is an homage to the late, great and greatly beloved Robin Williams. When Robin Wiliams first "burst on the scene" of our cultural landscape, it was as the equally lovable character Mork, in the show, "Mork & Mindy."  

Robin Williams and his wonderful characterization were other-worldly and hilariously funny to boot. One of Mork's funny-spiritual lines was this, "Reality. What A Concept." At the time, that line, and the show, was mind-altering and in my impressionable teenage years, it became a portal to a world that jived with my own burgeoning ideas about what was considered reality.

T-shirts and buttons came out with that funny line printed on them. I had such a crush on Robin back then - still do and probably always will - and I had a small black pin just like the one I've pictured here. It was about an inch in diameter and black. (It didn't say Mork as an attribution; I added that.) I loved that pin and I wore it every day, on every outfit. 

In general, I am not into celebrity news. Their births, marriages and deaths only ever get the slightest whiff of attention from me. But with Robin William's death, I actually feel the pain of grief, like I've lost a friend or a family member, someone who I knew. Robin Williams and his way of being in the world became a very intrinsic part of my inner cultural landscape.
Robin Williams was a gentle, insightful person. I will miss his presence in the world.
Have a beautiful week.


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