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Nowadays, You Have to go Where You Can Afford Real Estate

First of all you, shouldn’t have to negotiate above your means

By Roodelyne Sylvain

The New York  Real Estate market is still as competitive as it was 10 years ago, especially here in Brooklyn.   

Here is a list of the most affordable neighborhood in NYC according to PropertyClub nyc

·      Parkchester, Bronx  with a median sale price $195,000

·      Kingsbridge, Bronx with a median sale price $397,000

·      Glen oaks, Queens  with a median sale price $325,000

·      Rego Park, Queens  with a median sale price  $360,000

·      Stapleton, Staten Island with a median sale price  $$395,000

·      New Brighton, Staten Island with a median sale price $450,000

·      Brighton Beach, Brooklyn with a median sale prce $506,000

·      Coney Island, Brooklyn with a median sale price $440,000

·      Tudor City Manhattan with a median sale price $457,000

·      Washington Heights Manhattan with a median sale price $500,00

In Brooklyn  the most affordable neighborhoods would have to be Coney island & brighton Beach where the median sale price ranges from $400,000 up to $550,000 

The key to buying Real Estate is having the mindset that owning a property comes with a tremendous advantages like building equity with every payment.   

Your home should be appreciating in value and where you purchase your dream home plays a big role in this investment so go where you can afford real estate.

Roodelyne Sylvain is committed to bringing the highest level of skills and expertise to the Real Estate industry. Her expertise includes staying up to date with the newest technology and strategies, which shows that she has what it takes to be an elite Real Estate professional in today’s competitive market. Roodelyne graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a minor in International Business. 


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