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Gaia Gallery in Vinegar Hill is a Treasure — and so is the Owner

Meet Ursula Clark, owner of Gallery Gaia, a beloved artist and resident of Vinegar Hill.

By Lucy Spahr

Meet Ursula Clark, owner of Gallery Gaia and longtime resident of Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. 

Ursula’s artwork celebrates nature. She arrives at a site unsure of what she’ll be creating until she has found her materials. Her gallery often brings together contemporary art and artists from the neighborhood. As Ursula and her artist friends bring us into their studios, a fleeting world of whimsy and charm is revealed that sharply contrasts with the surrounding city. Gaia is named after the Greek goddess of Earth, and Ursula becomes our Goddess of Vinegar Hill.

Lucy is a documentary filmmaker and Brooklyn transplant who loves the unique stories that exist right here in her own backyard.