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BK's Noel Pointer Foundation Uses Music to Empower Students from Title I Schools, One Note at a Time

Brooklyn's Noel Pointer Foundation serves 1,500 children each year through programs across 40 Title 1 schools and daycares.

By Chinita Pointer, president and CEO of The Noel Pointer Foundation

Dear Friend,

Music. It’s the universal language of mankind. It transcends geographic boundaries, political ideologies, class, and creed. It has been heralded by scientists, educators, and art activists for everything from better test scores, higher graduation rates, and fewer discipline issues to cognitive benefits and improved mental health. Yet despite all this, the first-ever national study conducted by the Arts Education Data Project in 2019 reported that millions of students across the nation lack access to basic music education, and that race and where you live overwhelmingly determines who has access and who does not.

We at the Noel Pointer Foundation believe that learning an instrument is not a privilege, but a fundamental right of every child regardless of zip code or skin color. We believe that putting an instrument into a child’s hands is tantamount to giving them a lifeline, an anchor, and in many cases…wings.

We have seen it happen with our own eyes, from our young performers who have held their own beside seasoned musicians on some of NYC’s most venerable stages to our participating seniors who matriculate into some of the most prestigious universities in the country. This conviction is what propels us. With 1,500 children served each year, programs across 40 Title 1 schools and daycares, and unprecedented scholarships to NPF’s on-campus strings programming for students with financial need, The Noel Pointer Foundation is empowering young people one note at a time, each and every day.

We urge you to help support this important work in the new year by donating here. Each and every tax-deductible donation we receive will help sustain programs in schools with limited resources, provide invaluable programming during out-of-school hours, and subsidize tuition for on-campus students with limited means. Be a part of the music. Be a part of the change.


Chinita Pointer
President and CEO
The Noel Pointer Foundation

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