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How to Avoid Making Bad Career Choices

By JP George While it may be tempting to live in the moment and not worry about what the future holds, it could be a poor way of making career choices.

By JP George

While it may be tempting to live in the moment and not worry about what the future holds, it could be a poor way of making career choices. What might seem fun and exciting today could hold you back when it comes time for a promotion or could harm your reputation among colleagues. What are some career choices that you might regret at some point in the future?

No Job Is Worth Your Happiness

Many people believe or have been taught to believe that emotions are a bad thing that should be kept in check. While you don't want to start crying in the middle of a business meeting or yell at your boss when slightly provoked, you should also learn to stand up for yourself and get what you are worth.

If you don't think that you are getting paid enough, you should talk to your boss about a raise. You could also bring up employee appreciation ideas in lieu of a raise that would make you feel better about what you do each day for your boss (really employee appreciation is something your boss should be thinking about anyway, and not just on employee appreciation day. But sometimes some prodding from an employee doesn't hurt.

If you don't think that a colleague is pulling his or her weight, it may be a good idea to raise your concerns with someone who will listen. Although you may get some flak at first for standing up for your beliefs, you will feel better about yourself and gain self-confidence in the process. In your later years, your biggest regret won't have anything to do with your career but that you weren't as happy as you could have been.


Avoid Making Decisions Because of What Others Think

Many of us struggle to make decisions because we fear making the wrong one, or we worry about what others may think of the decision. If you make decisions based on what others think is good for you, you tend to make a decision that is not in your best interest. Although your Mom wants you to become a doctor because of the money making potential, you may not want to spend years of your life going to school only to enter such a highly stressful field.


If you would rather spend your days working as a sales rep or writing novels because you are good at it and can make money doing so, that is the career path that you should pursue. In some cases, a colleague or superior within your department may advise you to go for a job or make a decision because it gets you out of the way. Instead of advancing your career, it is really just a way for that person to help advance his or her career.

Don't Let Your Job Become More Important Than People

It's important to work hard for the things that you want in life. However, the most important thing is to have people who care about you and like you for being you. They are the ones that you will vent to when you have a bad day or the ones that you turn to when you need some creative insight.

Without good friends, life is not as fulfilling or meaningful as it could be. Therefore, make sure that you spend some time with your close friends and family members whenever you get the chance. Even if all you can do is grab a coffee or have a chat on Facebook, it can help you to achieve a better work-life balance, which is better for your career in the long run.

You generally regret the things you don't do more than the ones that you do. Therefore, don't sit on the sidelines when you have something to say. Instead, speak up to your boss or talk to your friend who you haven't seen in awhile. Doing so can reap rewards both now and later in life.

JP George grew up in a small town in Washington. After receiving a Master's degree in Public Relations, JP has worked in a variety of positions, from agencies to corporations all across the globe. Experience has made JP an expert in topics relating to leadership, talent management, and organizational business.


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