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A Day Saver: Fast and Frugal Fixes for Your Broken Phone Screen

If it was just a matter of money spent to fix cracked phone screens, that would be one thing. But it’s more.
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By Maggie White, a CYA Blogger

First she begged you for a cellphone "cause everyone in her class has one." Then came this: Every few months, with her head hanging low, she pulls her phone from her jeans pocket with a fresh design of shattered glass covering it from side to side. Saying ok to this purchase was more than you bargained for.

Wanting to holler, you hold back. Why? Because you're no better. With the excitement of hearing good news or the fatigue of a sleepless night or your habit of checking emails while you jog, your phone often flies from your hand and lands with a bang.

If it was just a matter of money spent to fix cracked screens, that would be one thing. But it's more.

It's hours subtracted from your workday to figure out how to deal with the situation. More time wasted on shuttling the phone back and forth for repair. Ah, and what about the emotional duress during every counted minute you're without your prized portal to cyberspace? Add in the flip-out you feel each of the 20 times you go to do something on your phone only to realize you don't have it.

How much can you take??

Dear reader, we are here to demystify the fixing process and offer you some step-by-step options to consider when you find yourself struggling to view valuable info through a crackled maze.

First: If the cracked phone still functions, place an adhesive screen protector or even a piece of clear tape over the damage. This will safely hold shards in place and still allow you to check Instagram.

Second: Read your phone insurance policy to see if a broken screen is covered due to accidental damage. If you did indeed think ahead and get yourself that insurance, it means that you can fix without an added fee. For example, CYA offers coverage for $6.99 a month which ends up coming to less than one of those frenzied and frantic $100+ screen fixes. If you have a policy, but choose to get a new screen elsewhere, it's important to note that someone else opening your phone may void that existing warranty.

Third: Check pricing at Staples or Best Buy. One of the great things about the homogenization of America, with the same stores everywhere you turn, is that you can find one of these chains just about anywhere. Staples can get you a new phone screen typically within the hour, while you shop pens and paper or grab a bite nearby. No appointment is necessary.

They don't use refurbished parts and do give you a one-year guarantee. They'll fix Samsungs, iPhones or iPads. Best Buy offers same-day Samsung or iPhone smartphone repairs at select locations. iPhone screen replacement there starts at $129 and Samsung screen replacement starts at $199.99.

Fourth: If you'd rather opt for a neighborhood phone service shop, ask your friends, neighbors and family for a recommendation. This type of place is considered a third party as it is not the original manufacturer of the phone. Check online business reviews such as Yelp to see if their reputation is solid. Hop on over, get a price and remember to see if they offer a warranty to cover the screen and can prove to you that they are not using refurbished parts. No, don't insist on going into the back room with them...

Fifth: If you can wait a bit till you get back to the place where you bought your phone, the manufacturer will fix it for you. It may be your pricier option, but you can be assured that it will be a high-quality fix with a warranty for that part of the phone.

Sixth: If you can tolerate sending emails and viewing YouTube through those hundreds of tiny lines, maybe you would like to wait a bit longer until you're eligible for an upgrade. (New phone!) Your carrier can buy your old phone off of you or you can sell it to a company that buys broken phones for money.

Seventh: If you're patient and handy, you can tackle the screen replacement yourself. Google a screen-replacement guide specific to your model with step-by-step instructions and take a good "crack" at it.

Good luck!

CYA is a one-stop insurance shop that offers warranty coverage for most of your assets. Check out our site at to see which of your precious belongings you'd like to protect today. Oh, and we can fix your (and your kids') smartphones, too.