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Meowza! Tough BK Kitten Survives a Five-Floor Fall

BluePearl Pet Hospital and the Angels for Mistreated Animals offered critical care to the injured kitten.

Workers at Angels for Mistreated Animals (AMA Animal Rescue) received an urgent call from emergency veterinarians at BluePearl Pet Hospital earlier in March: can the Brooklyn animal rescue agency help take care of a kitten that miraculously survived after falling from the fifth floor of a building?

The former owners were unable to bear the financial burden of the critical care and decided to leave Paris, the six-month-old kitten, in the hands of the Gowanus hospital, according to a news release. 

AMA Animal Rescue assumed all the financial responsibility for the kitten's treatment. Upon examination, it became clear that Paris had suffered a fractured rib that punctured her lung, causing pneumothorax. Urgent intervention was needed to drain the excess air from her chest. 

After two days of intensive care, Paris was strong enough to leave the emergency hospital and is recovering well in a foster home. Paris continues to make great strides, according to AMA Animal Rescue.  She is available for adoption and anyone interested can fill out an adoption form here.