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Maimonides Health Airlifted a New MRI Machine into Midwood Hospital Following Expansion Announcement

Among the hospital's announced improvements are a new MRI machine and an expansion to its Emergency Department.

Maimonides Health — the largest healthcare system in Brooklyn — has announced that major modernizations and expansions are happening at Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital, located in Brooklyn.

The announced improvements are occurring as a result of a new partnership between Maimonides Health and MMCH that was made official last year.

The first major improvement announced for MMCH is a new MRI machine. Maimonides Health says that the new MRI machine will provide life-saving medical imaging for the local community so that they do not need to travel outside of their neighborhood to receive an MRI.

Other announced improvements include a mechanical CPR device, new pediatric equipment and medications, telemedicine consultations and a more efficient triage process.

In addition, state-of-the-art equipment — such as cardiac monitors, vitals monitoring and bedside ultrasound capability — were also added. On top of that, MMCH will also have new medical services, which include airway management, sedation and emergency blood transfusions, according to Maimonides Health.

Alongside these modernizations, MMCH will also be expanding its Emergency Department. Maimonides Health says that this expansion will improve the hospital's tertiary care and improve its capacity to take on more ambulatory patients with advanced needs.

As a part of this expansion, MMCH will increase its staffing, including 25 new emergency room physicians.

According to Maimonides Health, the increase in staffing will allow the hospital to better adjust to higher volume times and reduce wait times.

“As a direct result of our integration into Maimonides Health, we were able to introduce new kinds of services that will help improve the health and well-being of our patients,” Dr. Moshe Weizberg said. Weizberg is the medical director of the Emergency Department at MMCH.

“Our advanced capabilities through the new Emergency Department services have allowed us to take on more ambulatory patients and will dramatically expand the nature of care we can offer to the surrounding community.”

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