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For Artists and Creatives, Here's a Guide to Staying Afloat During Covid-19

Brooklyn Arts Council got together and organized a digital booklet of resources for artists in Brooklyn
Photo: Arek Socha from Pixabay

Artists have always been the most important and essential strands of New York's cultural and creative fabric. 

Over the past week, with news of the city's necessary shutdown of arts and cultural institutions as well as entertainment and nightlife industry due to the spread Covid-19, artists are concerned about the impact the ongoing pandemic will have on their creative practices and their families.

In response, the team at Brooklyn Arts Council got together and organized a digital booklet of resources on healthcare, newly available funding, organizing tips, and other critical information.

For example:

  • The Alliance of Resident Theatres New York is taking a survey to assess members' revenue loss and expenditures stemming from COVID-19.
  • The League of American Orchestras has created a dedicated discussion group on COVID-19 for its members.
  • The Theatre Communications Group has organized a web campaign to obtain federal relief for theatre artists and nonprofits.

Inside the guide is also information on available and possible future funding opportunities to help artists get through the next few months while out of work. 

For example

  • Foundation for Contemporary Arts has a long-standing Emergency Grants program. 
  • Local 802 runs an Emergency Relief Fund for New York-based musicians.
  • ArtsNYS is requesting an additional $40,000,000 to be reallocated for capital grants through NYSCA in this year's budget. 

Click here to view and download the guide.

Also, as a courtesy, Brooklyn Arts Council is asking you to take this survey so they can assess additional and emerging needs for artists in Brooklyn.


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