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Viral Instagram Video Lands Unhoused Fashion Designer, Monday Blues, a BK Collaboration

Monday Blues is creating burlap clothing pieces with the help of Williamsburg coffee shop, Devocion.

It was a normal day when upcoming fashion designer Monday Blues, went into a local coffee shop in Chicago to ask for their burlap coffee bags. The peculiar animal design on the bag caught their eye and they wanted to turn it into a fashion statement. 

Almost a year later in 2021 and while still unhoused, Blues made the long journey from Chicago to New York in hopes of attending New York Fashion Week. With just the clothes on their back, they knew if they had the chance to be seen, they could stun people with their designs. 

After an Instagram video taken outside of the event by Black Culture News showcasing Blues burlap jacket went viral in 2022, and then again in November 2023, the followers and support came rushing in.  

“I remember at that particular moment I was in the shelter in Brooklyn. I woke up and I looked at my phone and I had all these notifications,” Blues told BK Reader. My phone was crazy and I was like, ‘Hey, what's going on?’ Before the video, I had like a little less than 2,000 followers. When I woke up the next day, I had over 30,000 followers.”  

Now, they’ve teamed up with Brooklyn-based coffee shop, Devocion, to continue to create clothing that represents their keen eye for style. Blues recalled pitching themself to several coffee brands and finally connecting with the local shop.  

Monday Blues' collaboration with Devocion took place at its Williamsburg location. Photo: Brianna Robles for BK Reader

Blues brought models into Devocion’s Williamsburg roastery on Grand Street to photograph some of the designs. As a part of the collaboration, Devocion also offered Blues unlimited access to the shop's burlap coffee bags for future designs. 

The collection includes an oversized 4-pocket burlap jacket, cargo trousers, shorts, and a bucket hat, all made with coffee bags from Devocion’s roastery. 

“When Monday reached out regarding a potential partnership, their story stood out as one that aligned with our company,” said Steven Sutton, founder and CEO of Devocion. “Their resilience and commitment through fashion is inspiring to us, and we are proud to share their work with our community and be a part of this project.”  

Blues has been in the fashion game for some time now, despite their recent rise to stardom. Their witty craftsmanship was birthed out of their childhood living in Springfield, Mississippi. 

As a child, Blues lived with their mother, and would often have to buy most of their clothing second-hand because they had little money. They also remember seeing their father wear tailored two-piece suits growing--also inspiration for the clothing designs.

“I've always been into fashion. I've always had an eye for clothing that stands out,” said Blues. 

Blues has never created something like the burlap designs before, but they don’t plan to stop. They are excited to work with new fabrics, specifically denim and leather and continue to make what they call, “coffee couture.” Eventually, Blues wishes to manufacture their designs and hire a team. 

They also hope to eventually move out of the shelter and find a permanent local working space to fulfill the influx of orders they are receiving.  

“I want to continue with that, because it's doing something completely different,” explained Blues. “It's like a means of survival. But that's exactly how my story is: It was a means of survival for me.

"Not only did I use the coffee bags because I saw that pattern, but it kept me warm while I was on the train.” 

To purchase a one-of-one garment by Monday Blues, reach out via their social media account

Brianna Robles

About the Author: Brianna Robles

Brianna Robles is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance writer and journalist specializing in sharing stories about mental health and spectacular women.
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