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Stopped Before it Started: Brooklyn's Biggest Tower Faces Foreclosure

The 93-story luxury tower at 9 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, now finds itself ensnared in the foreclosure process
The Brooklyn Tower in 2021


The bigger they are, the harder they fall... or so they say.

In the realm of New York City's illustrious real estate landscape, where towering skyscrapers epitomize the pinnacle of success, there exists a stark reality: even the most esteemed developers are not immune to setbacks.

Such is the case for Michael Stern and JDS Development Group, whose ambitious endeavor, the 93-story luxury tower at 9 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, now finds itself ensnared in the foreclosure process, reported The Real Deal

A UCC foreclosure auction has been scheduled for Jun. 10 by Silverstein Capital Partners, which issued the loan in 2019, according to marketing materials from real estate company JLL. 

As the tallest edifice in Brooklyn, soaring to a staggering 1,000 feet, the Brooklyn Tower epitomizes grandeur and opulence, boasting a mixed-use format that mirrors contemporary trends. Comprising 138 luxury condominiums, 398 rental units, a lavish pool, and 50,000 square feet of retail space, the tower offers unparalleled vistas of the iconic New York City skyline.

Yet, despite recent sales fetching exorbitant sums—such as a modest 500-square-foot unit commanding over $900,000—the specter of financial distress looms large.

The unfortunate predicament underscores the challenges posed by fluctuating interest rates, which have dampened demand for the larger luxury units, while leasing difficulties in the retail sector exacerbate the developer's woes.

Stern's attempt to offload the tower in early 2023 for $500 million proved futile, signaling early signs of trouble.

Now, with foreclosure proceedings initiated by Silverstein Capital Partners, Stern confronts the harsh reality of his towering ambition faltering in the face of financial adversity—a sobering reminder that in the realm of high-stakes real estate, success and failure are but two sides of the same coin.