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Revel Passes Two Million All-Electric Rideshares

New milestone comes under six months after Revel passed 1M rides.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer taking Revel’s one millionth ride in August 2023 in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Brooklyn-based electric mobility and infrastructure company Revel announced that its all-electric, all-employee rideshare service has now delivered over two million rides.

The new milestone comes less than six months after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took Revel’s one millionth ride. Two million electric rideshare rides have offset over 9,000,000 pounds of carbon emissions, according to a release. 

“It took two years to get to one million rides, it took only a quarter of that time to double it," said Frank Reig, chief executive of Revel. "Every ride Revel provides to New Yorkers directly displaces an emission-producing trip — that’s cleaner air and a better city today.”

Revel operates a fleet of over 500 electric vehicles — including Tesla Model Ys and Model 3s and Kia Niro EVs — delivering rides in all five boroughs, parts of northern New Jersey, and to-and-from the three major airports. Revel employs about 1,500 drivers as W2 employees who have guaranteed hourly wages and access to benefits like healthcare, paid time off and 401(k) retirement planning.

Revel also covers all vehicle costs like leasing, maintenance and charging. In the last year, Revel added new features giving users the ability to schedule rides in advance and add business payment options to their profile.

In 2023, Mayor Eric Adams mandated New York’s rideshare industry electrify by 2030, making New York the first big city in the world to do so.