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NYU Opens AR/VR Studio at BK Navy Yard

Located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, NYU Tandon @ the Yard features tools for augmented, virtual and extended reality production and research.
NYU Tandon @ The Yard is the School of Engineering’s AR/VR/XR production and research facility based at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

New York University (NYU) Tandon School of Engineering opened a new augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and extended (XR) reality production and research facility at Brooklyn Navy Yard in January.

Called NYU Tandon @ the Yard, the 14,000-square-foot studio comes equipped with a variety of media and production tools, featuring a motion capture stage that stands as the second-largest in NYC, a volumetric capture studio, an LED wall and a robotic motion base, according to a news release.

With its collective offerings, the studio is capable of such feats like transforming performers into otherworldly characters, capturing three-dimensional spaces for real-time streaming use, prototyping cyber-physical interactions for various purposes such as amusement park ride development and more. 

Since opening its doors in January, NYU Tandon has already partnered with several media and cultural institutions.

Thus far, the production studio has contributed video production support to a multimedia art exhibition at The Met Museum, helped with the creation of the first-ever mixed reality experience at Lincoln Center, as well as collaborating with creative studio SUPERBIEN on numerous projects, among others.

The studio is available for production rentals.