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Here's What Mayor Adams, Shopify President Said About the State of NYC's Small Businesses

Over 100 NYC small business owners were in-attendance at the event, including several from Brooklyn.

This week, Shopify President Harley Finkelstein hosted an event with NYC Mayor Eric Adams, where the two had a discussion regarding the state of small businesses in New York City.

More than 100 NYC small business owners were in attendance at the event, including several Brooklyn-based owners such as Katherine Lewin (founder of Big Night), Michele Varian (founder of Michele Varian Shop), and Kelly Moffat (co-founder of Kirrin Finch).

Among the topics discussed by Mayor Adams and Finkelstein included the challenges that local entrepreneurs face, as well as what the City is doing to assist in breaking down barriers and generating more opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses.

In addition, Mayor Adams also shared a progress report in regards to his Rebuild, Renew, and Reinvent program, along with the New York City Small Business Opportunity Fund — a $75 million public-private loan fund that is aimed at helping 1,500 businesses throughout NYC.

Shopify is a global company that provides businesses with the necessary internet infrastructure to conduct commerce-related activities online and in-store. Among the recognizable, big-name brands worldwide that use Shopify include Netflix, Mattel, Gymshark, Heinz and more.

According to a release, more than 33,000 new businesses have been established in New York City over the past year, several of which have utilized Shopify's services.

“Our goal is to make entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone by reducing barriers. Today was a great opportunity to speak with Mayor Adams about how we can work together to support all of the hard-working entrepreneurs of New York City,” said Finkelstein.

“Not only do I think that there’s a lot of entrepreneurs here, but I think in the future there will be more entrepreneurial activity in New York City.”