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Crown Heights Sneaker Store to Open With Exhibition Honoring Three Decades of Nike Dunks

Sneaker and streetwear retailer SNIPES is opening a new location located at 1117 Eastern Parkway
Photo: TanSenpai/Wikimedia

International sneaker and streetwear retailer SNIPES is opening a new location in Crown Heights, and kicking off the opening with an in-store exhibition honoring Nike Dunks.

The exhibition, "Dunks Since 1985," will feature a built in museum, open to the public, honoring 35 years of the iconic sneaker.

The collection of styles curated by sneaker consignment specialists Project Blitz will feature 35 of the most sought after dunks ever made, celebrating the past, present and future of the sneaker, SNIPES said in a statement.

The new Crown Heights location comes less than a year after SNIPES opened its large streetwear-focused location next to the Barclays Center. In a press release, the company said one of its aims was to drive and support youth and streetwear culture in the neighborhoods it entered.

The store will be opening at 1117 Eastern Parkway on Thursday Jan. 21. The exhibiton will start on opening day and run until Feb. 18.