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Cadman Plaza Park Solicits Applications for a Brand New Cafe

The Department of Parks and Recreation is now requesting proposals for the development of a new café in Cadman Plaza Park.
Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 8.59.06 PM
The Cadman Plaza building that will be the site of the new cafe. Photo: Provided/ the New York Parks Department.

A new cafe could soon be coming to Downtown Brooklyn's Cadman Plaza Park, reports The Brooklyn Paper. According to the NYC Parks Department's proposal request, the cafe would take over the park's locked 1950s maintenance building near Cadman Plaza West and Tillary Street. 

"Parks is looking for a concession that will be designed, maintained and operated at the highest standards and will make significant improvement to the visual quality and ambience of the park and its community while providing a convenience to the public. Parks seeks creative and detailed proposals that are sensitive to the park and the surrounding community," the request reads.

The winning bid for the cafe will allow an experienced concessionaire to expand the current 450-square-foot footprint of the building.

The space is expected to be a beloved park amenity, as businesses applying for the space will have to submit drawings showing the proposed layout and appearance of the cafe, a detailed plan of operation and a menu. In addition, owners pitching environmentally sustainable business practices will be favored in the application process.

As part of the agreement, the vendor will pay an annual fee to the Parks Department for using the space. Parks asks applicants to say how much they would pay as part of their proposal.

And, while vendors are not permitted to sell drinks in single-use plastic or glass bottles, they will be able to sell alcohol after obtaining proper licensing. In addition, the cafe will be allowed to operate only during par hours, from 6:00am-1:00am. The cafe will have to sign onto a term of 15 years. Proposals are due on Feb. 15.