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Brooklyn's Getting A New, Black-Owned Roller Skating Rink

The Roller Wave, a Black-owned pop-up skating rink for all ages, is opening in Atlantic Terminal this weekend.
Courtesy of The Roller Wave.

Black-owned, Brooklyn-based skating rink The Roller Wave is taking over Atlantic Terminal Mall on February 11, reports Time Out. The 9,000-square-foot pop-up rink will be accessible to visitors of all ages through June 4.

Founded in 2016 by Black Brooklynite Harry Martin, the rink's focus sheds light on the heated racial history between Black Americans and roller rinks.

After the 1964 passing of the Civil Rights Act, Black Americans were still denied entry into roller rinks. Black patrons were often granted rink access on just one night a week, under themes like "Soul Night." And for Martin, "Roller Wave" is a radical way to both shed light on these histories and ensure change.

"Mid-century Black Americans laid the groundwork for the evolution of roller skating," said Harry Martin, the company founder, in an official statement.

"We are very excited to put the spotlight back on the Brooklyn community, and Atlantic Terminal Mall is the perfect epicenter to celebrate the community in an authentic and innovative way."

The rink will also house an arcade, restaurant, and on-site DJs and musicians to provide entertainment.

Tickets for The Roller Wave will be available in the upcoming days right here.