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Brooklyn Cannabis Organization Launches Business Education Program

As part of its Bridging the Brand Initiative, Cannaware is offering a free 10-week webinar series that teaches entrepreneurs about the cannabis industry

Cannaware, a cannabis education and lifestyle organization based out of Brooklyn, announced the launch of a new educational initiative.

Referred to as the “Bridging the Brand Initiative,” the program was established by Cannaware to educate and advise business leaders that are interested in being a part of the booming cannabis industry in New York.

Created for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs, the initiative aims to “bridge the gap between communities and the cannabis sector” by providing insightful information regarding the various ancillary businesses within the industry.

"Ancillary businesses play a vital role in supporting the cannabis industry, offering entrepreneurs an accessible entry point without the complexities of plant-touching operations," said Grizzly Bocourt, founder of Cannaware. 

"Our initiative aims to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in this rapidly expanding industry."

As part of the program, Cannaware announced that it is hosting a free 10-week webinar series, which will take place every Tuesday evening between Feb. 13 and April 23.

Led by cannabis industry experts, the online classes will talk about a variety of topics such as branding, legal considerations, business structure, accounting, product management, intellectual property protection, marketing strategies, and more.

Through the webinar series, Cannaware said that it hopes to provide participants with invaluable insights for “navigating the cannabis landscape,” ensuring business success as a result.

"Our goal is to foster an inclusive and equitable cannabis industry, ensuring that all communities have the opportunity to participate and succeed," said a Cannaware spokesperson. 

"We invite all those interested in exploring ancillary business opportunities in the cannabis sector to join us for this transformative webinar series."