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The Brooklyn Tattoo Guide: Where to Get Inked in Style

There are many tattoo parlors to choose from, but take a look at these eight locations.

If you, a loved one, or your better half are considering getting tattooed, either for artistic self-expression or aesthetic reasons, you are in luck because Brooklyn offers countless tattoo parlors with talented artists.  

Whether you're looking for traditional tattoos, modern styles or custom creations, these tattoo studios provide exceptional craftsmanship and a memorable tattoo experience.

Here are eight Brooklyn tattoo shops you should know about: 

1. Three Kings Tattoo

Three Kings Tattoo has multiple locations, including a store in Greenpoint. With a team of skilled artists specializing in various tattoo styles, Three Kings Tattoo offers custom tattoos, flash designs and a range of piercing services. The company's reputation has earned it collaboration with companies including Nike, Adult Swim and Rag and Bone, among others. They make and sell cool merch too! 572 Manhattan Ave. 

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Photo: Three Kings Tattoo Instagram

2. Gristle Tattoo

Gristle Tattoo situated in East Williamsburg is an eco-friendly tattoo studio committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Their talented artists specialize in vegan tattooing and use non-toxic, cruelty-free inks to create stunning custom designs. 55 Meadow St. 

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Photo: Gristle Tattoo Instagram

3. Brooklyn Tattoo

Brooklyn Tattoo, located in Carroll Gardens/Columbia Waterfront District, is a classic tattoo shop offering traditional and custom tattoo designs. With a team of experienced artists, Brooklyn Tattoo provides quality tattoos in a friendly and relaxed environment. 103 Union St. 

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Photo: Brooklyn Tattoo 

4. Magic Cobra Tattoo Society

With locations in Williamsburg and Park Slope, the Magic Cobra Tattoo Society is a boutique tattoo studio known for its artistic flair and attention to detail. Their talented artists specialize in a range of styles, including black and grey realism, illustrative and neo-traditional tattoos. 775 Driggs Ave. and 667A 5th Ave. 

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Photo: Magic Cobra website

5. East River Tattoo 

East River Tattoo, situated in Greenpoint, is a reputable tattoo studio known for its skilled artists and welcoming atmosphere. Specializing in traditional, as well as fantasy, animals and nature designs, the staff at East River Tattoo will work with you to customize your desire. Walk-in appointments are also available. 1047 Manhattan Ave. 

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Photo: East River Tattoo Facebook 

6. Welcome Home Studio

Welcome Home Studiolocated in Greenpoint, is an art collective and tattoo studio offering custom tattoo designs and creative collaborations. Their diverse team of artists brings a unique perspective to each tattoo, ensuring a personalized and meaningful experience for clients. Once you make an appointment, the staff will reveal the exact address. 

Photo: Welcome Home Studio website

8. Black Ink 

Black Ink, situated in Bedford Stuyvesant, is a Black-owned tattoo franchise, with locations also in Atlanta, Milwaukee and Indianapolis. Should you want to book a spot, it is worth noting that they require a deposit for bookings due to high appointment demand. 1357 Fulton St. 

Photo: Blank Ink website