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Brooklyn's Street Art Scene: 10 Must-See Mural Locations

Brooklyn is a canvas for artists and creatives who cover its buildings with paintings and murals.
A Coney Island art mural by members of the Greetings Tour.

Artistic expression is synonymous with Brooklyn, a borough that boasts a diverse group of creatives who express themselves through colorful art- whether it speaks to the history of the borough, raises social issues like racism and sexism, celebrates Brooklyn icons or for decorative purposes, Brooklyn is one, huge canvas!

Here are 10 street artworks that grace some of BK's streets. 

  1. Bushwick Collective 
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Photo: Bushwick Collective Instagram 

The Bushwick neighborhood is perhaps the most famous destination for street art in Brooklyn. The streets are filled with vibrant murals and graffiti art, particularly around the Bushwick Collective, an outdoor street art gallery featuring works by local and international artists. This painting is at the entrance of the Mayda Cortiella elementary school at 95 Grove St. 

2. Williamsburg Murals 

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Photo: Flickr 

Williamsburg is one of Brooklyn's hotspots for street art, with colorful murals and graffiti decorating building facades, warehouses and storefronts. Bedford Avenue and surrounding streets are known for their diverse range of street art. 

3. Coney Art Walls 

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Photo: Coney Art Wall website 

While not in the heart of Brooklyn, the Coney Art Walls in Coney Island are worth a visit for street art enthusiasts. This outdoor museum features large-scale murals by renowned street artists from around the world. This outdoor museum, curated by Joseph J. Sitt & Jeffrey Deitch, features large-scale murals by renowned street artists.

4. Arts Gowanus 

“Kindred” by Demarcus McGaughey at 251 Douglass St. Photo: Supplied/Arts Gowanus website

The Gowanus neighborhood is home to a growing collection of murals, particularly along its industrial buildings and warehouses. There are seven murals around Union and Nevins Street, sponsored by Arts Gowanus, a nonprofit that supports and promotes local artists. 

5. DUMBO Walls 

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Photo: DUMBO Walls- Two Trees website 

Situated along Water Street and around the Manhattan Bridge archway, DUMBO Walls features a rotating collection of large-scale murals and street art installations by both local and international artists. Each year, the walls are adorned with new artworks, transforming the urban landscape and providing visitors with a unique and ever-changing art experience. 

7. Street Art in Greenpoint 

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Photo: stoptheroc/ Instagram 

Greenpoint is another neighborhood in Brooklyn where you can find striking murals scattered throughout its streets. Franklin Street and nearby industrial areas are particularly known for their street art scenes.

8. Bed-Stuy Murals 

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Photo: Photo: phetus88 via Instagram 

The Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is adorned with numerous murals that reflect the culture and history of the community, often found on the sides of businesses and residential buildings. 

9. Crown Heights

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Photo: Groundswell website 

This mural, entitled "Passing Wisdom, Planting Seeds," celebrates the power of women of color, and investigates and elevates their perceptions of self-worth in order to challenge how racism and sexism impact contemporary culture.

10. Red Hook Murals 

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Photo: Greetings Tour website

At 41 Seabring St., you will find a colorful mural created in 2014 by Greetings Tour, an art collective that paints murals across New York in collaboration with communities. Besides this artwork, you can explore the streets of Red Hook to discover a mix of murals decorating the neighborhood's warehouses, shops and walls, adding bursts of color and creativity to this waterfront community.