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Brooklyn's Caribbean Food Scene: 7 Must-Try West Indian Eateries

These eateries enrich the diverse and flavorful West Indian culinary scene in Brooklyn.
Peppa's jerk chicken dinner with salad.

If you want to explore more of Brooklyn's cuisines and flavors, look no further than the borough's Caribbean eateries providing a rich culinary experience showcasing the vibrant flavors of the West Indies. The cuisine offers a delightful mix of traditional and innovative dishes.

Here are our seven must-try restaurants:

1. Peppa's Jerk Chicken

Famous for its deliciously spiced jerk chicken, Peppa's Jerk Chicken offers a straightforward menu featuring classic Caribbean dishes. It's a popular spot for takeout and quick bites. The original location is at 738 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11226, but they are now multiple locations across the borough. 

Photo: Peppa's Jerk Chicken Instagram 

2. The Islands

A cozy, family-run restaurant in Crown Heights, The Islands is known for its generous portions of flavorful Caribbean fare. The curry goat and oxtail stew are particularly beloved. You can find them at 671 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Photo: The Islands Instagram 

3. Footprints Cafe

Known for its famous Rasta Pasta, Footprints Cafe blends Caribbean and Italian cuisines to create unique, flavorful dishes. The lively atmosphere and live music add to the dining experience. There are multiple outposts, but the original location is at 5814 Clarendon Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11203.

Photo: Footprints Cafe Instagram 

4. Sugarcane

Located at 238 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217 in Prospect Heights and near Barclays Center, Sugarcane offers a diverse menu of Caribbean dishes in a casual setting. Their brunch menu, featuring items like ackee and saltfish, is especially popular.

Photo: Sugarcane Instagram

5. Negril BK

Negril BK in Park Slope is a Caribbean eatery that serves a variety of traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. The jerk wings and mango chutney are fan favorites. They are at 256 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215.

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Photo: Negril BK Instagram

6. Immaculee

A hidden gem in Flatbush, Immaculee specializes in Haitian cuisine. Known for its griot (fried pork), pikliz (spicy pickled vegetables), and flavorful rice and beans, this spot offers a taste of authentic Haitian home cooking. The restaurant is located at 1227 Nostrand Ave., while the bakery is located at 1411 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225. 

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Photo: Immaculee Bakery Instagram 

7. Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop

A beloved spot in Crown Heights for authentic Trinidadian roti and doubles. Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop is known for its large, flavorful portions and reasonable prices, making it a go-to for many locals seeking a quick and satisfying meal. You can find them at 1267 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11216. Cash only.

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Photo: Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop Instagram 


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