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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Vegan Restaurants

No animals were harmed in the making of this article.

Brooklyn, the borough that never sleeps, is bustling with culinary creativity, and its vegan dining scene is no exception. For all our plant-based food lovers and veggie enthusiasts, we've traversed the borough to present you with the top five vegan restaurants in Brooklyn. From authentic Ethiopian cuisine to vegan comfort food, these establishments offer a mouthwatering journey that's good for you and the planet.

1. Bunna Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Bushwick at 1084 Flushing Ave., Bunna Cafe is a vegan Ethiopian haven.  For an average meal price of $15, its traditional Ethiopian 'Feast for Two' is a crowd-pleaser. What sets them apart is the dining experience — injera (spongy Ethiopian flatbread) becomes your plate and your fingers become your utensils. Sharing stories and flavors at Bunna Cafe is a cherished Brooklyn ritual.

2. Ras Plant-Based

In the vibrant neighborhood of Crown Heights, located at 739 Franklin Ave, Ras Plant-Based offers an explosion of Ethiopian vegan dishes. Expect to spend around $18 for a meal. The 'Mercato' platter is a hearty mix of vegetables, stews and bold spices, making it a must-try. The special touch? They create an inviting and colorful atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace.

3. Modern Love

Williamsburg's Modern Love, found at 317 Union Ave., is a vegan gem that elevates plant-based dining. Plan to spend approximately $25 for a meal here. The 'Acorn Squash Curry,' is a sensational dish filled with a tantalizing coconut base which showcases their gourmet approach to vegan cuisine. What sets them apart is the fusion of upscale dining and ethical eating, making vegan food an art form.

4. Toad Style

Toad Style in Bedford-Stuyvesant located at 93 Ralph Ave., offers an unapologetic take on vegan comfort food, with an average meal cost of $14. The 'Hot Stuff Burger' is a revelation – cheesy, spicy and entirely plant-based. What's unique? Toad Style's menu is gluten-free, ensuring that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, can savor their indulgent offerings.

5. Screamer's Pizzeria

Located in Crown Heights at 685 Franklin Ave., Screamer's Pizzeria takes vegan pizza to a whole new level. A slice here will cost you about $4. The 'White Slice' featuring creamy vegan cheese and garlic, is a slice of heaven. Their innovative approach to traditional pizzeria fare means you can enjoy a slice of the Big Apple with a cruelty-free twist.

Brooklyn's vegan food scene is a testament to the borough's progressive spirit and commitment to sustainable, delicious dining. These five restaurants, each with its own unique flavor and flair, promise a vegan culinary journey that will leave you coming back for more. Next time you're in search of meatless magic, visit one of these spots and embrace the irresistible world of plant-based cuisine in Brooklyn.

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