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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Places to Bike

Just add wheels.

Brooklyn is a fantastic borough for cycling enthusiasts, with a plethora of bike-friendly routes that offer breathtaking views of the city. So, hop on your bike and explore Brooklyn's best cycling routes!

  1. Brooklyn Greenway

The Brooklyn Greenway is a 14-mile-long route that runs from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge. The route follows the waterfront, offering stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. The Greenway is also dotted with parks and green spaces, including Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is home to several piers that jut out into the East River. The Greenway is a great way to see Brooklyn's waterfront while getting some exercise.

  1. Prospect Park

Prospect Park is a 585-acre park that is a popular destination for cyclists. The park features several bike trails, including a loop around the park that is about 3.35 miles long. The park is also home to the Long Meadow, a 90-acre expanse of grass that is perfect for picnics and outdoor activities. The park's rolling hills and scenic vistas make it a great place to ride your bike.

  1. Ocean Parkway

Ocean Parkway is a 5.6-mile-long parkway that runs from Prospect Park to Coney Island. The parkway is lined with trees and features a bike lane that is separated from the road by a median. The parkway offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and is a popular destination for cyclists. The parkway is also home to several landmarks, including the Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch, which is a Civil War memorial located at the entrance to Prospect Park.

  1. Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a former naval shipyard that has been transformed into a hub for innovation and manufacturing. The Navy Yard is home to several bike trails that offer a unique view of Brooklyn's industrial past and present. The Navy Yard is also home to the Brooklyn Greenway, which runs through the Yard and offers stunning views of the waterfront and the Manhattan skyline.

  1. Red Hook

Red Hook is a historic waterfront neighborhood in Brooklyn that is home to several bike-friendly routes. The neighborhood offers stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. The Red Hook waterfront is also home to several parks and green spaces, including Louis J. Valentino Jr. Park and Pier, which offers a stunning view of the New York Harbor. Red Hook is a great place to ride your bike and explore Brooklyn's rich history and vibrant culture.

From the Brooklyn Greenway to the Red Hook waterfront, there's something for every type of cyclist in Brooklyn. So, grab your bike and get ready for an adventure in one of New York City's most exciting boroughs!


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