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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Pizzerias

Enjoy the best pizza on the planet in the best city on the planet!

When it comes to pizza, Brooklyn reigns supreme, and the battle for the title of the best slice in town is fierce. From classic coal-fired pies to artisanal creations, this borough has it all. Join us as we embark on a cheesy journey through the streets of Brooklyn to discover the top five pizzerias that make you savor every bite.

1. Di Fara Pizza

Located at 1424 Avenue J in Midwood, Di Fara Pizza is a legendary institution where each slice is a work of art. 

2. Juliana's Pizza

Juliana's, situated at 19 Old Fulton St. in DUMBO, offers a slice of history along with its pies. What sets this place apart is its connection to Grimaldi's Pizzeria. Patsy Grimaldi himself opened Juliana's, ensuring a continuation of Brooklyn's pizza heritage, and the coal-fired ovens work their magic.

3. Robertas

Nestled at 261 Moore St. in Bushwick, Roberta's is where pizza turns into an art form. What's unique? The pizza isn't just pizza; it's a culinary experience. Ingredients are locally sourced, and the wood-fired oven imparts a distinctive flavor that's impossible to replicate.

4. L&B Spumoni Gardens

Located at 2725 86th Street in Gravesend, L&B Spumoni Gardens is where square slices reign supreme. What's the special thing here? The unique "upside-down" Sicilian slices – the cheese goes under the sauce, ensuring every bite is a balance of textures and flavors that you won't find anywhere else.

5. Pizza Wagon

Found at 8610 5th Ave. in the heart of Bay Ridge, Pizza Wagon is where you can find that quintessential slice of New York City pizza. Step into this local gem, and you're stepping into a world of cheesy, saucy perfection that's a true slice of Brooklyn's culinary heritage.

In Brooklyn, the pizza scene is a gastronomic adventure where every slice tells a story. Whether you're a fan of traditional Neapolitan, square, or a modern twist on a classic, these pizzerias are a must-visit for both locals and pizza pilgrims.

So, savor every cheesy, saucy bite as you explore Brooklyn's pizza paradise.

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