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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Noodle Shops

Noodles for every mood.
There are noodles for every mood in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a foodie's paradise, and when it comes to noodles, the borough has no shortage of amazing options. Here are the top five noodle shops in Brooklyn, each offering its own unique take on this beloved dish:

1. Chuko Ramen 

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Photo: Chuko Website 

Chuko Ramen  is a beloved spot in Prospect Heights that specializes in Japanese-style ramen. Their tonkotsu ramen is a must-try, made with a rich pork broth and tender noodles. The addition of crispy pork belly and a soft-boiled egg make this dish a hearty and satisfying meal.


2. Di An Di 

BK Reader top 5
Photo: Di An Di website 

Di An Di Vietnamese restaurant located in Greenpoint that's known for its amazing pho. Their pho dac biet is a standout dish, made with beef bone broth and a variety of meats including brisket, flank, and meatballs. The broth is flavorful and aromatic, and the noodles are perfectly cooked.


3. Xi'an Famous Foods 

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Photo: Xi’an Instagram 

Xi'an Famous Foods is a fast-casual chain located in Greenpoint, Williamsburg ans downtown Brooklyn that serves up amazing Xi'an-style noodles, soups and meat dishes. The hand-pulled cold skin noodles are mind-numbingly spicy and a must-try. The green onions, pork and chili oil give this dish a spicy kick that's sure to satisfy.


4. Yun Nan Flavour Garden 

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Photo: Facebook

Yun Nan Flavour Gardenis a no-frills, hidden gem in Sunset Park that serves up amazing Yunnanese-style noodle dishes. Their mixian with pork and bean sprouts is a standout, made with thin rice noodles and a savory broth. The addition of tender pork and crunchy bean sprouts make this dish a well-balanced meal.


5. Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles 

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Photo: Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles website  

Brooklyn's Chinatown is moving beyond 8th Avenue in Sunset Park, and Ten Seconds is one of the newer additions on 86th Street in Bath Beach. Many of the noodle dishes are hot pot style, where the staff brings you a piping hot bowl with the broth of your choice, and all the ingredients you want to add are in small dishes. 

Thank goodness you have plenty of amazing options to choose from if you're an Asian noodle lover in Brooklyn. Whether you're in the mood for classic Japanese-style ramen or spicy Taiwanese-style dan dan noodles, these five noodle shops are sure to satisfy your cravings. From the rich tonkotsu ramen at Chuko Ramen to the hot pot style noodles at Ten Seconds, there's something for everyone in Brooklyn's Asian noodle scene.

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