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Best of Brooklyn: Top 5 Dance Clubs

Dance the night away Brooklyn style!

Brooklyn's soul thrives in its dance clubs, where diverse sounds and electric vibes collide to create a rhythm that's uniquely Brooklyn. Whether you're drawn to techno beats, house music or something more eclectic, the borough's nightlife offers a thrilling adventure for every dance enthusiast. Get ready to move and groove as we unveil the top five dance clubs in Brooklyn, each with its own blend of music, style and surprises.

1. Bembe

Located at 81 S 6th St. in Williamsburg, Bembe is a vibrant treasure. The best part? It's usually free to enter. Bembe's calendar is teeming with Latin-infused dance parties and reggae nights, setting the stage for an unforgettable month of rhythm.

Photo: Bembe Instagram 

2. Good Room 

Tucked away at 98 Meserole Ave. in Greenpoint, Good Room offers a blend of eclectic beats from critically acclaimed DJs. While you might encounter a small cover charge on select nights, it's a worthwhile investment for the diverse DJ sets awaiting you.

Photo: Good Room Instagram 

3. House of Yes 

Nestled at 2 Wyckoff Ave. in Bushwick, House of Yes is known for creating unique dance experiences. While some events might come with a cover charge, the immersive themes, eclectic dance parties and breathtaking performances are worth the price of admission. 

Photo: House of Yes Instagram 

4. Black Flamingo 

Situated at 168 Borinquen Pl. in Williamsburg, Black Flamingo has no cover charges, making it an affordable choice for a night of dance. Keep an eye on its schedule for a mix of diverse DJ sets and thematic dance parties that promise to keep you moving.

Photo: Black Flamingo Instagram 

5. Bossa Nova Civic Club 

You'll find Bossa Nova Civic Club at 1271 Myrtle Ave. in Bushwick, a hub for electronic rhythms and techno. The average drink price hovers around $9, and while there's a nominal cover charge on select nights, it's well worth it for the feeling you'll get on the dance floor.

Photo: Bossa Nova Civic Club 

In Brooklyn, the dance scene mirrors the borough's vibrant and diverse culture. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a newcomer looking for an unforgettable night out, these clubs offer a kaleidoscope of sounds and experiences.

So, gather your crew, don your dancing shoes, and let Brooklyn's beats carry you away on a thrilling adventure through the borough's nightlife. Brooklyn's dance floors are calling, and it's time to answer.


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