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Best of Brooklyn: Top 6 Coffee Shops

Grab your favorite mug, and dive into the coffee wonderland that is Brooklyn.
Photo by Jason Toevs:

Ah, Brooklyn, where the streets are alive with culture, art and the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Whether you're a latte lover, espresso enthusiast or just need a caffeine fix, these five real-deal coffee gems will have you buzzing with delight.

1. Coffee Uplifts People

Address: 329 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Average price: $3.75-$6.45

Bed-Stuy's local roastery, Coffee Uplifts People, is a community staple that serves classic cafe fare, along with refreshing sorrel drinks and delicious Jamaican patties. As if that's not good enough, drinking coffee here supports the cafe's mission to host events that promote local Black and minority-owned businesses. And, its warm and inviting atmosphere is the perfect place to meet up with friends or get some work done. Win-win-win!

2. Cafe Grumpy

Address: 193 Meserole Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222

Average Price: $3-5 per drink

Tucked away in Greenpoint, Cafe Grumpy is a haven for serious coffee aficionados. Their signature Heartbreaker Espresso will leave you swooning with its rich and velvety notes. Feeling peckish? Pair your brew with a freshly baked Maple Pecan Scone for the ultimate treat. The cozy ambiance and friendly baristas make Cafe Grumpy a must-visit for your daily caffeine fix.

3. Variety Coffee Roasters

Address: 146 Wyckoff Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237

Average Price: $4-6 per drink

Variety Coffee Roasters in Bushwick takes your taste buds on a journey with every sip. Try their Nitro Cold Brew, a smooth and refreshing option perfect for a Brooklyn summer day. Feeling indulgent? The Avocado Toast, topped with poached eggs and chili flakes, will satisfy your savory cravings. The relaxed vibes and artsy atmosphere make this spot a go-to for coffee and inspiration.

4. Devoción

Address: 69 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

Average Price: $5-7 per drink

Devoción is a coffee lover's dream come true in Williamsburg. Their specialty lies in sourcing the freshest beans, roasted on-site, ensuring a truly exceptional cup of joe. The Devoción Latte is a masterpiece, highlighting the beans' natural flavors. Pair it with the Banana Bread, served warm and fragrant. The airy space and lush greenery create a zen-like escape from the bustling city.

5. Partners Coffee

Address: 125 N 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

Average Price: $4-6 per drink

Nestled in Williamsburg, Partners Coffee, formerly known as Toby's Estate Coffee, is where community vibes meet top-notch brews. Dive into their Flat White, a harmonious blend of espresso and velvety milk. Are you craving something sweet? The Berry Scone is a delightful treat that pairs perfectly with your coffee. With its inviting atmosphere and communal tables, Toby's Estate is the perfect spot to catch up with friends or dive into a good book.

6. Swallow Cafe

Address: 156 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201

Average Price: $3-5 per drink

Swallow Cafe exudes classic coffee shop charm. Their cappuccino is a work of art adorned with intricate foam designs. Indulge your taste buds with the Pistachio Croissant, a flaky pastry filled with creamy pistachio goodness. The cozy interior and friendly staff make Swallow Cafe a beloved neighborhood hangout.

There you have it, coffee adventurers – five real-deal coffee havens that define Brooklyn's vibrant caffeine culture. Whether you're in pursuit of the perfect latte or a serene coffee nook, these spots offer a delectable blend of flavor, atmosphere, and community. So, grab your coffee-loving crew and embark on a caffeinated journey through the borough that knows how to brew it right!

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